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Since December, the captive population has soared to 78 birds with some having been bred and more caught in the wild. also good u are not in nasa…u would ahve told the astonaughts that they were to pay for the cost of building the shuttle incase their mission is not sucessfull!!! A Head Master? Body of Seinfeld actor Charles Levin eaten by vultures Back to video According to the Daily Mail , the body of Charles Levin was found 30 feet down a steep slope in Cave Junction, Ore. Ravenous vultures would devour the flesh of the body within an hour, leaving the bones to dry in the sun before being placed in a well, an efficient disposal system believed to purify the deceased. also u blamed others of being a school principal on what basis are you saying things on my behalf?..but maybe its difficult for you to understand anything as for you, since the parsis are dying one shouldnt protect the vultures?!!! As for comments of RJ, like other boarders, I too have deicded to ignore this confused person who calls you Vibhu Prakash in June 17 post. @jehan_updates Cremation, burial, neither of these are wrong or bad. It has arisen from the dokhmenashini system’s chief accessory. 1 year ago. Earlier, without medication mortality rate was higher, do we not now consume modern medicine and not rely on great grand mother’s “Chhalo Palo” No wonder there will be few left. One individual boarder does not make up for representation of the voice of the community. News. Djuma Kruger Spotter - Hyenas And Vultures Eating A Giraffe In The Kruger Park. Vultures do not hunt living animals but depend on the carcasses of livestock and wildlife for their primary food supplement. You talk of Modern Technology without any relevance. The Parsi neither burn or bury their dead but feed the bodies to vultures Many of the younger ones have intermarried and thus were “no longer accepted.”. Animal Eating Human . I have always accepted that the dokhmenishini system needs a ‘doing’ needs strenghtening and working on…to get it back on any other systems..just like piston engines gave way to jet engines, boeing i think some one gave the example…doesnt stop flying!! Was Spinning Jenny invented in the time of Zoraster? If you and your supporter want to believe birds of prey constitute Zoroastrianism, please continue your ‘far sighted’ concept of Zoroastrianism. Perfunctory prayers at Mumbai’s soulless municipal crematoria are just not the same. It’s a bad omen if the vultures won’t eat, which can be a problem if the body has been treated with disinfectant or medicine, as it might be at a hospital. I would like to restate, however, that VULTURES should not be the topic, rather the VANASHING PARSEE should be. (You are free to use adjectives of your choice against me) Firstly, how come Shri Satya Prakash became aware of this blog Parsi Khabar; Yet in North America and even in Hong Kong and Singapore we ae thriving! No one has motivated me. The Bombay Parsee Punchayat (which administers Doongerwadi along with the community’s fabled trust funds) refuses to allow modern compulsions to compromise tradition. Why Vultures Dont Get Sick When Eating Dead … Well well reading the above posts makes me feel that piloo, framji and the r but r have completely missed the point. In the original article as published hereabove the last three words are ‘within our life time”. so to sum it up, framji thinks those who conserve and save from extinction birds of prey and animals are akin to keeping old tube lights…. @jehan_updates The current over-70-Bawas just don’t get it. @ostankermaاین دخمه ها را در کنار Do we now find messages on this portal from the same cabal of Bananawalla, Juisewalla, Babar, Dabur or any ‘sjee’? Trustee. Even now one can make ice cream without refrigerator by use of ‘Sancha”(Hand made) Not everyone blames diclofenac. @ !, comparing storing ice without what we term freezer today thru out season, to just coolection of snow in winter…to seing MS Shah as working for vulture conservation as portrying its uselessness..u guys are even an embarrasment to those with genuine concerns of dokhmenishini. "The vulture happens to have been the first scavenger of the world and hence they should be brought back for a sustained ecological balance.". Here, the city’s once-definitive, now-dwindling Parsi community continues with its 3,000-year-old Zoroastrian tradition of disposing of the dead body by exposing it to scavenger birds. He would seem out of sync. The amazing and legendary Dorabjee's in Pune. About 100,000 live in major cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. The mazdayasni empire wasnt parametered to Iran, yet yes we have physical proof of the sudreh being worn in Iran…and you might fel u have cracked the case, but sherlock,historians like Mary Boyce etc give credence to this fact as the saviours of zoroastrianism brought it and paseed it along…compare ure knowledge to such historians, maybe ull give up being a detective. The exposure of dead bodies to scavenging animals is recorded by the 5th century Greek writer Herodotus to have been practiced by the Persians. India’s vulture population had seen a steady decline due to habitat destruction caused by that omnibus aggressor, urbanisation. Although the birds are breeding naturally in the state, he said, members of Nature’s Beckon suspect that the BNHS people have captured as many as 100 adult and semi-adult birds in Assam since 2005, with most of them taken to breeding centers of Haryana and West Bengal. You were unable to grasp the logic. This was doubly disturbing for a community whose ancient funereal ceremonies lay great store by ritual purification and distancing the living from the ‘contagion’ of a corpse. Extinction of birds and animals is also due to reduction in forest cover.Can vultures survive in concrete jungle of Bombay in absence of forest cover. Parsis consider both earth and fire sacred, and dead bodies are said to be Nasu, i.e. Keeping aside the macabre imagery, this system of exposure known as dokhmenashini is swift and ecologically sound. 2) ure second question shows ure lack of historical knowledge. The caring mother continues its close bond with the baby till the chick attains maturity," said Datta, who serves as the director of Nature’s Beckon, an Assam based environmental NGO. Sorry for writing in your blog. I see the whole world and Humanity in unity which is free from geographical,religious or political barrier. Copy link. The Parsis dispose of their dead on land in Malabar Hill. A project in collaboration with Oxford University to breed native vultures in captivity in situ proved abortive, and though 182 chicks have resulted from the Bombay Natural History Society’s all-India secular progamme, it may be a while before it can rank among Europe’s success with the Eurasian Griffon Vulture or the saving of the Californian Condor. More harm has been done to religious cause by self contradictory statements as made by people like Jamasji.He talks of scientific advancememt and pain killers like Diclofenac are recent inventions.Will Jamasji and his like minded thinkers be able to persuade Medicos not to prescribe pain killers to those having ailments like Sciatica, Lumbago, Rheumatism etc and let patients suffer in the ‘greater’ cause of population expansion of birds of prey?. Infact there would have been no Zoroastrianism today if one followed the examples of Piloo or on the same lines. for first 4 days prayers. One suggestion, you can request Parsi Khabar to exclusively allow you to “Rate” your own messages and give 5 Star rating to your own fanciful ‘Theories.’ And, ugly though they may be, they are an integral link in the natural chain, eating the flesh of carcasses completely and cleanly. You may care to read again yourself. There is no hard evidence,‘. Siloomai, My emphasis was that change is the essence of time. "By bringing some vultures into captivity, their lives can be saved and once they start breeding, they would augment the population," he argues. Ravenous vultures would devour the flesh of the body within an hour, leaving the bones to dry in the sun before being placed in a well, an efficient disposal system believed to purify the deceased. How can it? Frustration is palpable.Nothing more to add.You can not expect to thrust your views on others and expect them to be your blind followers. For the same reason, Zoroastrians do not cremate their dead, as it would corrupt the fire. Unfortunately, this has turned into an instrument of emotional blackmail. Your views do not make you more Jarthosti than others who hold a more practical view. The Parsis who prefer cremation over the solar concentrators want only to be allowed last rites and prayers in this three-centuries’ sanctified place of solace, even if in a segregated ‘bungli’. The first tower was consecrated in 1670. he price of homes on Mumbai’s swanky Malabar Hill would make Manhattan blush. As I said then, these persons were incapable of breaking even a baked ‘ pappad ‘. Above-ground decomposition occurs two times as fast as a body in water and four times faster than a body buried under ground. I end here again with Vibhu Prakash’s statement ””Bringing as many vultures into captivity as possible is the best way to save them from going extinct,” he said.’… India’s vultures are disappearing from the country’s skies, declining by as much as 99 percent from their original numbers, with the remainder dying at a rate of more than 40 percent annually, victims of pollution, declining habitat, poisoning, urbanization and a host of other problems, conservationists say. Hence their bodies are left in a high-rise ‘Tower of Silence’ to be consumed by the scavengers. In absence the ecosystem is going to distirb with various negative consequences. • • • • • • A corpse is considered impure not just physically on account of infection and decay, but also because it is swiftly colonised by evil spirits. There is a rationale for this treatment of the dead. Firstly not all bawas of Mumbai are ‘nuts’ though no doubt many persons with cobwebs in their thinking are available in plenty, paricularly in ghettos like that of Dadar PC. However, in places where no dakhmas were possible – Delhi and the Diaspora for example – the dead are interred in community plots in Christian cemeteries. Our community does not appreciate dictatorial language from a humanist. The most common theory is that the birds are dying from eating meat with high percentages of diclofenac residue. WANT the settlkers will to be nullified, WANT monies for the survival of what was given to us free for a reason, to be changed and spend to your conviniences and tastes, WANT TO change zoroastrian systemns as left by the saviours of zoroastrianism, WANT TO malign any and everyones effort…ure thirst even embarasses a true debate on pros and cons as the cons of any project are acknowledged and thus steps taken to superseed it and lay victorious…, After changing topics, linking technological conservation to old bulb collection, to dpc ghettos,to fictitious links thoug under fictitious names!! Asad Rahmani, the BNHS director, faced public outrage in Assam when local people protested the capturing of vultures from their localities.

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